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February 25, 2018


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  Welcome to the Borough of Robesonia's Website..........


Our Local Police Force serves the townspeople of Robesonia and Wernersville.  They are located in the Wernersville Borough Building at 100 North Reber St., in Wernersville.   For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.westernberksregionalpolice.org/
Local Fire Services are provided by the Pioneer Hose Co. #1, Located in the 100th block of West Penn Avenue in Robesonia.
EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
Local Emergency Medical Services are provided in part by Western Berks Ambulance Association & surrounding EMS units, also assisted by the fire and police forces. Located on the 600th block of Penn Avenue; Western Berks (Station 3) is dispatched to most borough and surrounding area incidents.
Roads and Highway
Local roads and highway crews maintain all borough roadways, storm sewers, parks and borough related property. Street sweeping and fall leaf collection is also handled by our local roads and highway crews.
Borough Officials
Local Borough Officials work hard to keep Robesonia running smoothly, click here to find out more information on all of the borough officials.
Borough Committees
Local Committees have been formed and meet according to meet the boroughs needs, click here for a listing of those committees.

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